Congressman: Secret Pollard Memo Not So Secret

Arutz7 News - July 4, 2001

The Committee to Bring Jonathan Home will be participating in tonight's July 4th annual U.S. Independence Day party at Gan Sacher in Jerusalem, sponsored by the AACI. Committee members will bring signs and banners urging the release of Jonathan Pollard from American prison, where he has been serving a life-sentence for the past 16 years. The Pollard protestors plan to "remind" U.S. Consul-General Edward McKeon, one of the event's featured speakers, that the sentence is totally out of proportion to others convicted of similar crimes. The same group has also been organizing weekly vigils on behalf of Jonathan Pollard every Saturday night at Jerusalem's Paris Square, near the Prime Minister's official residence.

U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner speaking on WABC Radio recently reminded American radio listeners that Jonathan Pollard is serving a life sentence in violation of a plea bargain that had been worked out beforehand. "The [U.S.] government made an agreement... not to ask for a life sentence," Weiner saiD, but despite this, "at the 11th hour and 59th minute, the Department of Defense came forward with a memo from [then-Defense Secretary] Caspar Weinberger. The unclassified part of it begins by saying, "in the year of the spy" - this was when the Walker case had gone on, a real terrible case of espionage if not treason - 'in the year of the spy the Pollard case is the worst and we in the Department of Defense believe he should serve a life sentence.' That was in contradiction to the plea bargain that had been worked out... That now-famous memo has been kept from the most recent defense team."

Weiner, who was allowed to read the memo, said that "nothing in that information is any longer helpful to is very dated information. There's nothing there that speaks [about] Jonathan's spying for anyone else [as has been implied by Pollard's opponents]... There's no good reason... not to reveal it to [Pollard's] attorneys..."

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