Pollard Ambush

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Yediot Achronot - May 31, 2001


In spite of impassioned appeals from the Pollards and from a number of Israeli officials and citizen advocates, Israeli President Moshe Katsav steadfastly refused to take former Chief Rabbi Mordecai Eliyahu with him to the US to advocate for the release of Jonathan Pollard. See Jonathan Pollard's letter to President Katsav.

The President of Israel encountered a Pollard ambush during a farewell ceremony at the Knesset prior to his trip to the United States.

When Katsav approached Ministers Rechavaam Ze'evi, Limor Livnat and Dani Naveh to shake their hands in a receiving line, at a secret signal from Ze'evi the three Ministers began to shout: "Pollard! Pollard! Pollard!"

The President was stunned but regained his composure a few seconds later and responded to the three saying: " I shall do everything in order to bring the Israeli spy home."

Justice4JP Note:

Subsequent to the incident reported above there is no evidence that President Katsav ever mentioned Jonathan Pollard's name at all during his trip to the United States.

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