Jonathan Pollard's Letter to President Katsav

Justice4JP Release - May 24, 2001

Jonathan Pollard sent the following letter to the President of Israel accompanied by a full translation in Hebrew to facilitate a swift response. To date there has been no response.

May 12, 2001

By Facsimile

Dear President Katsav

My rabbi, his honor HaRav Mordecai Eliyahu wishes to accompany you to your upcoming meeting with President Bush. It is his goal to fulfill the mitzvah of pidyan shvuyim and with G-d's help to secure my release.

It is clear that both you and Prime Minster Sharon were elected to high office against all odds and in absolutely miraculous circumstances. Neither of you were elected on your own merit but because voters utterly rejected your competitors (based on their prior record ) and therefore had no other choice but to vote for you. This was not a random event but rather the divine Hand of Providence which clearly intervened to raise you two up to serve a higher purpose. Much to the dismay of the nation, the Prime Minister has repeatedly failed in his divinely appointed task. Now I am turning to you to ask you to take upon yourself the mitzvah of pidyan shvuyim and to assist HaRav Eliyahu to secure my immediate release.

Not so long ago, in your own hour of need, you turned to HaRav Eliyahu for help and asked him to intercede in Heaven on your behalf.

Permit me to remind you in case you have forgotten: when the presidential elections were held in the Knesset, the first vote did not yield definitive results. A second vote had to be taken. According to a good friend of yours, just before the second vote was taken, you hurried to call the Rav Eliyahu to ask him to help you secure divine assistance. The Rav calmed you, gave you words of support and encouragement, instructed you to say psalm 91 according to a prescribed formula and assured you that all would be well. You knew then that he would daven for you and that reassured you. Baruch Ha'shem his tefillot were accepted and you were elected.

Mr. Katsav, isn't it ironic that that when you needed the help of HaRav Eliyahu, you did not hesitate to turn to him, and now when the Rav turns to you for assistance in the name of Heaven, you do not hesitate to refuse him.

Moreover, I am aware that certain Knesset members and Cabinet Ministers have also recently approached you and asked you to take the Rav with you to Washington to meet with Bush. Each one reported back to us that you adamantly refuse.

Even if you were to bring up the issue of my release with Bush yourself as you claim, your past record on my case leaves no room for doubt that you would not do so in a serious or effective manner. Rather just so that you can return to Israel and claim that you brought it up but were unsuccessful. Unless the Rav participates in the meeting with Bush, no good will come of it.

There is still enough time to do the right thing: please contact HaRav Eliyahu at once and tell him you agree to take him with you, and that you will make the necessary arrangements in Washington without delay.

I ask that you also respond to me directly as quickly as possible with regard to the request I am making here. Please contact me care of my attorney Larry Dub.

It is possible that you were elected to the Presidency of Israel precisely for such an occasion as this. If the Rav accompanies you to Washington to meet with the American President, G-d will be with you and you surely will succeed. How can you possibly refuse?


Jonathan Pollard