Jonathan Pollard's Letter to Sharon

To: Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
Date: May 9, 2001
No. of Pages (incl.this one) 2 - By Facsimile

From: Jonathan Pollard 09185-016
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Butner, North Carolina
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Dear Prime Minister Sharon,

Re: MAARIV Headline (09/05/01)
P.M. Sharon: "They should have evacuated the soldier who bled to death at Joseph's Tomb"

Mr. Prime Minister, your compassion for the soldier who bled to death under Barak's watch is stunning. It contrasts sharply with your willingness to allow me, an Israeli agent who has served 16 years in prison on behalf of the State of Israel, to bleed to death before your very eyes.

My attorney Larry Dub, my wife Esther, and my rabbi HaRav Mordecai Eliyahu, have all described to me the impassioned appeal Minister Rechavaam Ze'evi made to you at their pre Passover meeting with you.

I understand that Rechavaam pleaded with you saying: "Arik, we grew up together... we served in the Army together...we were brought up on the principle that you do not abandon your men... that you do not leave a soldier in the field to bleed to death... Arik, Pollard is bleeding to death. You've got to save him."

Similarly, one after the other, Larry, Esther and HaRav Eliyahu all made equally compelling appeals to you at that meeting, imploring you to act swiftly to save my life.

Two days later, Rechavaam called my wife and told her, "I spoke to Arik. I am ashamed of his response. I am simply ashamed." When Esther pressed for details, Rechavaam spoke with utter dejection. He said that you made it clear that you are not planning to do anything to save my life. Not now, not later, not ever.

Since then you have completely turned your back and slammed the door shut.

Mr. Prime Minister, you have the ammunition, both legal and moral, to rescue me. Included in the arsenal is my new legal case which documents a travesty of justice that has gone unchallenged for the last 16 years; as well the binding commitment that the US made to Israel to release me as part of the Wye Accords. Israel lived up to its end of the deal, yet you make no move to collect on my release. Although I am desperately ill, you make no effort to end my ordeal.

The Americans have deprived me of my freedom for 16 years. But it is your refusal to act that now threatens to deprive me of my life (G-d forbid).

Jonathan Pollard