Pollard's Wife Says Sharon Wants Him to Die

Aryeh Bender - Ma'ariv - May 9, 2001

According to Esther Pollard, PM Sharon has refused to do anything to help the Israeli spy incarcerated in the USA. Sharon's office says: "The Government is working on the Pollard issue."

"Arik Sharon wants Jonathan Pollard to die in prison. This Government would prefer that he simply die in prison and then the problem would be solved."- Esther Pollard, wife of the Israeli spy who is serving a life sentence in an American prison, charged yesterday.

Esther Pollard and her husband's attorney, Larry Dub, met yesterday with the chairman of the Knesset Law Committee, M.K. Ophir Pines as well as with M.K. Michael Eitan (Likud) who recently made a visit to her husband at FCI Butner in North Carolina.

"Sharon has turned his back and refuses to do anything for Jonathan," said Esther Pollard. "Before Passover, Attorney Larry Dub and I met with Sharon. My husband, an Israeli agent, has spent the last 16 years in prison but Sharon gave us only 15 minutes and behaved with indifference to Jonathan's life and death plight. It is this kind of treatment that leads one to the unavoidable conclusion that Sharon wants Jonathan to die in prison," she said.

Esther Pollard said that her husband's health is deteriorating and that his immune system has been destroyed by his many years of incarceration in solitary confinement and under some of the harshest conditions. "He is in extreme peril. If the government does not do something at once to save him he will simply die in prison. We told this to Sharon, but he refuses to act. They want to bring him home in a coffin and then they can all say what a shame it is that he died."

During the course of the meeting, MK Pines indicated that he would speak with FM Shimon Peres and Knesset Speaker Avrum Burg to authorize a delegation of the Knesset Law Committee to meet with their American counterparts in the Congress and Senate in Washington in order to lobby for their recommendation to the President grant clemency to Pollard.

The Prime Minister's office responded to Mrs. Pollard's statements with following statement: The Government of Israel and its leader Ariel Sharon are working on the Pollard issue. Owing to the sensitivity of the issue, it is not possible to provide any further details."

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