PM Wants Jonathan to Die, Pollard's Wife Charges

Gideon Alon: Ha'aretz Knesset Correspondent - Ha'aretz - May 9, 2001

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon would prefer to see Jonathan Pollard die in prison in order to rid the Israeli government of an embarrassment, Pollard's wife Esther charged at a meeting of the Knesset Constitution Committee yesterday.

"Prime Minister Ariel Sharon wants Jonathan Pollard to die in jail," she said. "The government would prefer that Jonathan die in jail, and that way the problem would be solved."

She charged that the government has done nothing to free her husband, who is serving a life sentence in the United States for passing classified information to Israel.

"Sharon has turned his back on us and is refusing to handle our case," she said. "My husband has sat in jail for 16 years now, but Sharon gave us only 15 minutes and has since behaved indifferently toward us."

Pollard said her husband's body has broken down from his years in solitary confinement. He is suffering from a variety of illnesses, she said, and, despairing of release, has stopped taking medication.

In response to Esther Pollard's accusations, Sharon's office said that the government is working on Pollard's behalf, "but because of the sensitivity of the matter, we cannot reveal any details.

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