Pollard Has 'Given Up Hope' Say Visiting M.K.s

Ha'aretz and IMRA - May 2, 2001

IMRA Notes on What Ha'aretz Left Out:

In an interview on Israel Radio's morning news magazine (05/02/01, MK Ophir Pines noted that Jonathan Pollard pointed out to the visiting MK's that PM Sharon did not follow through in initiatives to gain his release - in particular a recent one involving the sending of former Chief Rabbi Eliyahu to America.

Pines said he would be seeing FM Peres in America and would ask him to raise the Pollard issue in his meetings in Washington. Pines said that Pollard believed that there was considerable potential in action by Peres.

For some reason, the news anchor, Aryeh Golan, injected his personal assessment at the end of the Kol Yisrael interview and noted that President Bush would have a hard time releasing Pollard in light of objections from the American security community. He made this comment WITHOUT noting that President Clinton released 14 FALN terrorists in the face of virtually the same institutional opposition.

The Israeli media is largely unaware that the Constitutional powers of executive clemency granted to the President of the United States are virtually unlimited and not subject to the approval of any other official or agency.

Ha'aretz also makes no mention of Pollard's extremely detriorated physical condition. The two M.K's who had met with Pollard several years ago were shocked by his physical appearance and disturbed to learn that he is seriously ill. For further details, see Arutz7 Interview on M.K.s' Visit to Pollard (the transcript of Esther Pollard's interview with Ariel Kahane about the M.K's visit to her husband.)

Ha'aretz new item follows:

Nitzan Horowitz, Ha'aretz Correspondent - Ha'aretz - May 2, 2001

WASHINGTON - Convicted spy Jonathan Pollard has given up hope of receiving a presidential pardon and succumbing to depression, he has has stopped taking blood pressure medication. Two MKs, Ophir Pines-Paz (One Israel) and Michael Eitan (Likud), who recently visited Pollard attest to his depressed state.

Pollard, a former U.S. Navy Intelligence analyst, was sentenced to a life term in 1987 after being convicted of spying for Israel.

Pines-Paz and Eitan urged Pollard to resume his medical treatment, but the prisoner replied that there is no point to the medicine since he'll never be freed from his cell.

Meeting with the MKs, Pollard hurled accusations at Israeli leaders, including Prime Minister Sharon. Sharon's claim that he brought up the Pollard case during his Washington visit with President Bush is untrue, Pollard told the MKs.

Pollard disclosed that he has sent appeals to people who were instrumental in bringing about former President Clinton's pardon of fugitive financier Marc Rich, asking for help in his own case. None of these appeals, he said, has borne fruit.

Pines-Paz said that he will convene a meeting of the Knesset's Constitution, Law and Justice Committee to discuss Pollard's emotional state, and that he and Eitan will meet with Sharon about the Pollard case.

Officials in Washington say that there is little chance that the Bush administration will deliver Pollard a pardon. [


:This canard is a self-fulfilling prophesy, as long as Israel shows no interest in securing Jonathan Pollard's release and takes no initiative.]
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