Pollard's Disappointment

Tim Boxer - The Jewish Week (NY) - March 22, 2001

Jonathan Pollard's wife, Esther, a surprise guest at the National Council for Young Israel dinner, said her husband was deeply disappointed he was not among the 176 clemencies and pardons granted by outgoing President Bill Clinton.

The Jewish leadership and the government of Israel lobbied more convincingly to obtain a pardon for Marc Rich a man who was not in prison or in mortal danger than they did for Jonathan Pollard, she said.

This was all the more painful, she said, when one realizes that Pollard did not spy against the United States. Jonathan is a Jew who spied for Israel, Americas closest ally. He warned Israel that Saddam Hussein was planning to scorch the Jewish state.

This vital information was being withheld by her American ally. Because of Jonathan, Israel was ready with gas masks and sealed rooms during the Gulf War.

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