The Award For Chutzpah

The New York Post - Editorial - March 16, 2001

You've got to wonder what kind of lawyers are being turned out by Cardozo Law School.

Certainly not the kind who have a healthy respect for the law. How else to explain the award that two student groups will present to former President Clinton on Monday?

Granted, the "Advocate for Peace" award ostensibly honors his efforts to reach peace in the Middle East, but still:

  • Clinton is the first U.S. president to be found guilty of criminal contempt.
  • His blatant perjury in the Paula Jones case earned him a $90,000 fine, which he did not contest.
  • Another judge ruled that he committed a misdemeanor violation of the Privacy Act by releasing Katherine Willey's private letters to the public.
  • The disciplinary committee of the Arkansas bar found that his false testimony about Monica Lewinsky "constituted serious misconduct" - serious enough that he should not be allowed to practice law.
  • Clinton avoided disbarment only by giving up his law license for five years.

And this is a man who is being honored by a group of prospective lawyers - and future leaders?

Clinton demonstrated his utter contempt for the law time and time again - and was more than willing to use perjury and obstruction of justice in the interests of political self-preservation. Given their choice of role model, those kids at Cardozo are off to a dubious start on their legal careers.

Then again, given what passes for lawyering today, they'll probably fit right in.

Justice4JP Comment:

The decision by Benjamin Cardozo Law School of Yeshiva University to honor Bill Clinton is shameful. Cardozo's choice of honoree is the antithesis of the mitzvah of pidyan shvuyim (the redemption of a captive.) Clinton repeatedly reneged on explicit commitments to release Jonathan Pollard. See "Naveh Challenges Barak About Pardon Involvement") In spite of the blatant injustice in the Pollard case, Clinton refused to commute Jonathan Pollard's sentence. His refusal, in spite of a wealth of evidence that Pollard's sentence is grossly disproprotionate and was unjustly obtained, should have brought protests from Cardozo, the premier Jewish law school, not accolades.

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