Excerpt of Testimony From a Lawyer for Marc Rich

NY Times - February 15, 2001

Following is an excerpt from the testimony of Jack Quinn, a lawyer for Marc Rich, before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday as recorded by the Federal News Service Inc. Mr. Quinn testified about the role Mr. Rich's former wife, Denise, and Beth Dozoretz, a Democratic fund-raiser, had played in seeking the presidential pardon for Mr. Rich.

Let me address the involvement of Denise Rich and Beth Dozoretz. Yes, both were involved. Their involvement was emphatically not in my view determinative or even central to my efforts. I based my efforts on the legal case I made, as well as on the support of the government of Israel, not on the false presumption that any personal or political relationship with President Clinton would result in a favorable outcome.

Denise Rich is the ex-wife of my client, and she wanted President Clinton to grant her ex-husband and the father of her children this pardon. I encouraged her and her daughters to write letters to President Clinton because, as in any pardon application, it was appropriate that the president hear from family members.

I encouraged her to help me be sure that the president himself was aware of the fact that the application had been filed with the White House counsel's office. She did just that and reported back to me at some point, in essence, that President Clinton had said I should make my case to Bruce Lindsey and other counsel in the White House counsel's office.

Weeks later, Ms. Dozoretz talked to the president. Again, what I understand her to have reported then is that the president was impressed with the legal arguments I had made but was doing due diligence with lawyers in the White House so that he understood all of the arguments for and against the pardon.

Again, I would like to emphasize this point: The notion that the president was going to be convinced to grant this pardon because of support for it from Beth Dozoretz or Denise Rich, rather than because of the case we made on the law and the important support of world leaders like Prime Minister Ehud Barak of Israel, is, in my view, just untrue.

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