Re DEBKA Article: Caveat Emptor - Reader Beware!

Justice4JP Release - January 22 ,2001

Justice4JP has received requests to respond to a recent poison pen article on a popular web site in which Jonathan Pollard is falsely accused and wantonly slandered.

This smear article was deliberately planted by Israeli intelligence to justify Ehud Barak's failure to secure Jonathan Pollard's release and to undermine popular support for Pollard. Its sudden appearance a day after Pollard's request for executive clemency was denied, underscores the conventional wisdom that Barak's failure was deliberate.

The article counts on readers to be ignorant enough about the Pollard case and trusting enough of the web site to swallow the outrageous lies which it propagates about Pollard.

The question readers should ask themselves is: what other lies are being spread on this web site for politically motivated purposes?

Justice4JP cautions readers to reexamine their assumptions about this web site in general, and to question more closely any information that the site offers.

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