Judge: Barak Must File Response

Judge: Barak Must File Response

November 13, 1999


- In a decision rendered in Israel Supreme Court [08/11/99] Justice Eliahu Matza ruled on Jonathan Pollard's Request to Produce Documents which demands that Prime Minister Ehud Barak reveal his early involvement in the Pollard case.

Justice Matza's decision ordered that the matter be brought before the tribunal of judges who are to hear Pollard's Petition No. 6029/99. Matza also ordered Barak's attorneys to submit a written response to Pollard's Request to Produce Documents, in advance of the hearing. Announcement of a date for the hearing is anticipated momentarily.

Pollard's Request to Produce Documents is based on newly-obtained FOI documents that show that as head of Aman then-IDF-General Barak met with his counterparts in American Military Intelligence about Pollard, just shortly after Jonathan Pollard was arrested on November 21, 1985. Barak has always denied previous involvement in the case.

Pollard has reason to believe that the documents he is demanding will explain why Barak has spent so many years ducking the Pollard issue -even before he took office- and why he cut all contact with Pollard and his representatives ever since his election to Prime Minister.-


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