Netanyahu: Clinton Lied about Pollard

October 28, 1999 - NewsMax

Bibi Netanyahu, the former Israeli Primie Minister, is currently penning his autobiography.

It is said to be laced with acid for Bill and Hillary Clinton. No doubt, with New York's large Jewish vote, Netanyahu's revelations could be a hot topic for the upcoming Senate race.

Netanyahu reportedly details how Bill Clinton lied to him and used a classic "bait-and-switch" technique to get him to sign the Wye Peace Accord with PLO leader Yasser Arafat.

Israel has long been seeking the freedom for one-time Naval intelligence officer Jonathan Pollard. Pollard was jailed in the '80s for spying on behalf of Israel, our ally. Pollard confessed to the crimes.

According to Netanyahu, Clinton had agreed to free Pollard and allow him to move to Israel. The deal had been arranged, and Netanyahu was preparing for the press conference - just minutes away - when Clinton informed him he was not going to release Pollard as promised. Netanyahu is said to have turned pale.

Netanyahu had little squiggle room. And he wasn't Winston Churchill either. He accepted Clinton's terms and signed the agreement.

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