Barak Can Get Indyk but Not Pollard? - Arutz7

Arutz7 News - October 22, 1999

JERUSALEM - Ma'ariv reported this week that newly-obtained American documents show that the senior Israeli official who met with U.S. intelligence officials following the arrest of Jonathan Pollard in 1985 was none other than the head of IDF Intelligence, Gen. Ehud Barak. Atty. Larry Dub, Pollard's lawyer, is preparing a Supreme Court suit demanding the release of the minutes of all meetings between Barak and his American counterpart regarding Pollard.

Sources close to Pollard said this week that the fact that Barak was involved in the initial contacts with the Americans may explain "why Barak has, for years, consistently avoided any contact with Pollard, and completely ducked any responsibility towards him."

Barak's office stated this week that "Ehud Barak was never

the head

of a team that handled the Jonathan Pollard case, and he never dealt with this issue


during his army service."

Pollard recently filed a Supreme Court suit against Ehud Barak in an attempt to force the Prime Minister to accept responsibility for securing Pollard's release. Pollard's wife Esther explained yesterday that "Barak is the only Israeli official with sufficient authority and status in Washington to secure Jonathan's release." As if to underline these words, Voice of Israel reported today that it was a request by Barak which led to yesterday's announcement in Washington that Martin Indyk would soon become the new U.S. Ambassador to Israel.

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