"Disappointed and Heartbroken"

Excerpt from Arutz7 Interview with Esther Pollard
July 18, 1999

In an interview with Arutz-7's Ron Meir last Thursday night, Pollard's wife Esther said that she was "disappointed and heartbroken that we have not had contact with the Barak government. We are hoping that this is a forgivable lapse, but we are flying in the dark at this point - and that is not fair after 14 years of incarceration on behalf of the State of Israel."

Mrs. Pollard also confirmed Binyamin Netanyahu's claim that in the hours preceding the signing of the Wye Accord, President Clinton executed a "double-cross" when he suddenly backed down on his explicit commitment to free Pollard in exchange for Netanyahu's signature on the Wye Accord. "Mr. Netanyahu's account is 100% correct," she said. "We were able to verify it at the time, and not just from the Israeli side, but from both sides of the table."

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