Medical Bulletin
To: Friends of Jonathan Pollard
From: Justice for Jonathan Pollard
Date: Friday, July 16, 1999

Justice for Jonathan Pollard Update on Pollard's Health

Jonathan Pollard was taken to Duke University Medical Hospital this past week for a CAT scan. He was transported in a convoy of 3 armed vehicles, accompanied by 11 Special Operations guards in full combat gear, including helmets, bullet proof vests and machine guns. Pollard was shackled in chains hand and foot. The spectacle of a bearded man wearing a kipa, bound in chains and accompanied by a heavily-armed task force not only lent credence to the picture that the US government has painted of Jonathan Pollard as "very dangerous" but also terrified staff and patients at the hospital who had no idea of who he was or why he was brought to Duke under such heavy guard.

Results of the CAT scan are not yet known. Pollard continues to suffer from extreme physical symptoms related to unbiopsied growths in his sinus cavities. Nausea, dizziness, and blinding headaches, are daily symptoms. He has until now been unable to secure appropriate medical treatment or adequate pain relief.

Justice for Jonathan Pollard expresses thanks to Congressman Jerold Nadler and Rabbi Pessach Lerner of Young Israel for their assistance in securing the CAT scan that Pollard has been denied for 7 years. It is hoped that following the results of the CAT scan, their continued involvement and assistance will enable Pollard to finally receive appropriate medical attention.

Additionally, Jonathan Pollard recently spent some time under observation in the FCI Butner prison clinic unable to move because of a back injury. Prison doctors did not have the massive clearances from Washington needed to take him to Duke for immediate emergency treatment by an orthopedic doctor, (as they would have been able to do for any other prisoner). He was ultimately released back to his cell and continues to be monitored. He is slowly recovering and is able to walk again.

Post Script: Friends of Jonathan Pollard are instructed to address all further inquiries pertaining to this message to the Justice for Jonathan Pollard office.