Israel Frees Prisoners, Forgets Pollard Was Part of the Deal

JTA - April 6, 1999

Israel released three Palestinian prisoners serving time for attempted murder. Israel freed 14 other prisoners last week as part of a goodwill gesture for a Muslim holiday, the Feast of the Sacrifice.

Justice for Jonathan Pollard adds:

The latest prisoner releases while presented as "goodwill" gestures are in fact the result of American pressure on Israel to "move forward on the non land portions of the Wye Accords".

At Wye, as an integral part of the deal, President Clinton unequivocally committed to free Jonathan Pollard in return for Israel's granting immunity to terrorist Gaza chief of police, Ghazi Jabali and freeing hundreds of dangerous Palestinian terrorists.

President Clinton has conveniently forgotten that Jonathan Pollard was the key to closing the prisoner release deal.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and his government have not taken the trouble to remind him, as they now set free those Palestinian terrorists who attempted to murder Israelis and failed, but who will surely try again.

Jonathan Pollard continues to languish in an American prison in his 14th year of a life sentence with no end in sight.