Technology Transfer (CIA Tells Part of Story) Part 4

February 14, 1999 - Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East analyst & commentator

I believe it was Lenin who said to the world that the Capitalists (read: the U.S.A.) would sell the rope with which to hang ourselves. (1) Apparently, he forecast accurately.

George Tenet, Head of the CIA, in a reversal of his former position, admitted that Third World nations could and are building ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) capable of reaching the US. An earlier report exposing this danger by a Congressional Committee headed by Don Rumsfeld was rejected by the CIA - very likely on orders from the White House driven by an aberrant foreign policy. The report demonstrated that rogue states could hit the US with little and no warning. However, it was politically inconvenient to Clinton and the State Department, with the CIA going along to reject the Rumsfeld analysis. (2)

But, where did North Korea get its very expensive and extraordinarily high technology to build such high confidence missiles. If the President allows release of information, which is doubtful, there is a high probability the trail would lead back through to China and Russia and from there to American shores as the originating source. The matter of the US illegally transferring weapons grade technology is presently being investigated by a Congressional Committee headed by Rep. Christopher Cox. (3)

The Cox Committee prepared a 700 page Report indicating that the US has been illegally transferring weapons" technology for decades. Cox indicated that this revealing document should be made public. The 700 page Top Secret Report has been transmitted to the White House. So far it"s as if this 700 page Report has been dropped into a black hole, perhaps never to reappear for public scrutiny or so redacted (censored) that the guilty will be exonerated. It can be expected that, as in the Iran-Contra investigation, the cover-up will first engage with the claim of "National Security" to be followed by "Executive Privilege". We already see the typical signs of a coverup as stories emerge which water down the guilt while providing a smoke screen to confuse any investigations.

It would appear that several Presidents including Clinton fulfilled Lenin"s prophecy that "We would supply the rope to hang ourselves".

Don"t worry; never fear. Slick Willie comes to his own rescue. A story floated in the WASHINGTON TIMES, January 27th , sourced at the Pentagon, claimed that Israel was involved in the development of the Nautilus defensive weapons systems - which employs lasers in the intercept of Katyusha missiles and that Israel had transferred this secret anti-missile technology to China. The US frequently uses Israel"s innovative skills in joint development projects. (A little bit of truth to make the coming lie credible.)

The Israeli Defense Ministry responded that the charges are completely baseless. That Israel has never shared classified American technology interchanged and developed during joint US-Israeli efforts to develop a laser-based weapons system, and no Israeli personnel have tried to obtain restricted information from American contractors involved in the Nautilus project. All inferences that Israel has circumvented the terms of its agreement with the US are unfounded.

Furthermore, in Israel"s view, it would be appropriate for the American sources cited by the WASHINGTON TIMES to publicly refute the charges leveled against Israel. (It is quite easy to plant such stories in the very willing media, using the propaganda technique of trial by accusation. But rarely will the leaker publicly appear to prove or apologize for the "error".)

And, most crucial, why would Israel transfer this sensitive information to China or any country, when Israel invented and co-developed many facets of this technology and is the country who would be at greatest risk from the use of this technology by the many hostile nations surrounding Israel? Be mindful that China has sold missiles and other weapons" systems to Syria, Iran and Iraq, among others, all of whom target Israel.

"In early 1997 the first reports surfaced that China"s Communist party leaders had funneled money into Democratic political campaigns to buy influence....[and] that Chinese rocket scientists had taken advantage of their American partners in the space-launch business to improve the accuracy of China"s nuclear arsenal." (4)

Additionally, the Pentagon leakers also charge via the WASHINGTON POST that Israel is trying to break the code that controls the range of the American laser device. The Clinton Administration is allowing Israel to co-develop and acquire the capability to shoot down low-flying Katyusha rockets. But the Clinton administration doesn"t want Israel to have the technology to shoot down high flying missiles, SCUDS, or fighter jets with a laser so the controls are locked in to a limited range." It would appear that this is only phase one of a smoke screen to "Save Willie" from being brought up on charges that he approved illegal technology transfer of other missile technology to China. A fox trailed by a pack of hounds leads them past the burrows of other foxes to cover his own trail...and Willie is a sly fox.

On a related matter, that of rogue nations acquiring advanced missile technology, capable of reaching America. The Rumsfeld Report was initially dismissed and buried. George Tenet, Director of the CIA and our esteemed President had to reverse their earlier dismissal of the Rumsfeld report when North Korea tested a three stage ballistic missile near Japan. Trapped with a public release of this "secret" missile launch information, Clinton moved quickly to cover himself politically by pledging monies to develop some sort of anti-ballistic missile defense which he previously condemned.

The appellation, "Slick Willie", given to Clinton knowingly by fellow Arkansans was amply demonstrated as Clinton and staff began maneuvering to cloud his involvement in technology transfer by accusing Israel. Presumably, casting erroneous blame on Israel would cause Congressional supporters of Israel to back off on charges against Clinton. First, an attack on Israel intended to mislead American opinion and turn it hostile. This is to be followed by a carrot to the American people and Congress to the effect that he, William Jefferson Clinton, is going to protect America against those "wicked" stealers of American technology.

With the assistance of the Justice Department and certain judges, foreign political campaign contributors from Asia and especially China were released. On Jan. 1, 1999 Judge Paul L. Friedman threw out eleven counts against a Thai businesswoman who raised at least $690,000 for the Democratic Party. (5) That was just the tip of the iceberg. The Judges who released the bribers, ruled that these campaign contributions were merely "soft money". (Hard money/Soft money: All money was fungible and bought what it was intended to buy.) Janet Reno was on the job, protecting her employer like the 3 monkeys: "See no evil; Hear no evil; Speak no evil" . Clearly, the Justice Department should be revised so it no longer is a hostage to Presidential wrong-doing.

"Sen. Fred Thompson (R-TN) head of the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs said he might hold additional hearing into the accusations that China had funneled covert contributions to influence the 1996 elections." (6)

Justice would be better served if a series of Presidents, Attorneys-General, Secretaries of State and Defense, heads of CIA, and certain manufacturers were publicly investigated for illegally transferring technology to rogue nations and then conspiring to protect bribers of our political system. Given Janet Reno"s track record, I would guess we will see a short, silent investigation of the matter, briefly aired in the media, ending with the conclusion that nothing illegal happened.

Mr. Tenet didn"t really tell us the whole story. North Korea is merely one of the protected rogue nations developing ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) that have the range to hit the US. He didn"t release the in-depth information on the long-term program of Iran and Syria to build long-range missiles capable of carrying NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) warheads. Here the suppliers of technology were Russia and such European nations as France, Germany, among other countries under the knowing gaze of US Intelligence.

Russian technologists have flooded Iran"s research labs bringing with them advanced research on NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) weapons plus extending the range of their missiles. When the Israelis informed America about the 10,000 Russian scientists in Iran, her information was dismissed, as was the Rumsfeld Report, presumably because it didn"t fit with Clinton/State aberrant foreign policy.

Hearings on the Bush/Baker involvement in Saddam Hussein"s acquisition of unconventional weapons of mass destruction still remains suppressed under Clinton and Janet Reno. Even the illegal transfer by Bush of $5 Billion to Saddam Hussein out of the Agricultural Department was ruled legal in a brief investigation and statement by Janet Reno. Remember Nixon"s proclamation : "I am not a crook!" Well, we will no doubt hear that phrase repeated many times in the near future.

The Administration is clearly behind the misleading and manipulative accusation that it is Israel who is transferring technology to China to cover-up the growing scandal when this is precisely what the Clinton Administration is being accused of. The tactic of creditable denial by shifting the blame for illegal US transactions has been a frequently used ploy by those in Washington intent on by-passing Congress and the American people.

Some may recall when Col. Ollie North admitted in his testimony on the Iran-Contra scam, that Israel was selected to be the fall guy if the scheme was ever exposed. It was shocking to learn that the Bush/Baker Administration, our Intelligence Agencies engaged in illegal transfer of weapons and then pre-planned to cast Israel as their victim to hide their own culpability should they be caught. But, Israel is the ideal victim because it is expected to take the hit, shut up and defer to the Administration who holds the purse strings for aid. Except this time, when the unsubstantiated charge was floated in the WASHINGTON TIMES, the Israeli Defense Ministry objected and denied.

However, the use of the false accusation is a prime trick in the credible deniability armory. The trick is to float the accusation in the willing media. Then, when the victim issues the denial, they look guilty. The story is usually dropped, with no retractions in the media, leaving the reader/viewer with the impression that, surely the charge was true. During the Reagan Presidency when Caspar Weinberger was Defense Secretary, there was a peculiar incident as yet uninvestigated. China had sold to Saudi Arabia a ballistic missile system capable of carrying nuclear warheads (which America and the Saudis denied).

Defense Secretary Weinberger, an unusually good friend of the Saudis and definitely hostile to Israel, wanted the Saudis to have ballistic missiles, specifically the Pershing. It was unlikely that Congress would allow the sale of the American made Pershing missile to the Saudis. But, at that time, China did not have the technology level to sell a debugged and fool-proof missile system. But, "somehow" they manufactured and sold these missiles. First, they sold to Saudi Arabia and later to any rogue nation with cash to buy. Is it possible that American officials had opened up a Pandora"s box which allowed China to transfer missile technology to North Korea, resulting in dollar-generating sales for both to the Rogue Nations.

At that time, I wrote several articles suggesting a cover-up regarding an illegal transfer of technology. Shortly after publication, a "red herring" was dragged across the trail and through the media by a rumor floated out of Washington. Here again, the rumor was floated, accusing the Israelis of having supplied the technology to China, as is happening now, except at that time Israel"s ability to make ballistic missiles was low. All of this can be cleared up by issuing a subpoena to former Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, former President George Bush, former Secretary of State Jim Baker, and the manufacturers who developed the technology.

For political purposes our Presidents, State Dept., Intelligence Agencies have conspired to transfer technology that can now reach our shores and can devastate our cities. If that is not a criminal act, then nothing else can be defined as criminal. Clearly, to hang ourselves, we have literally bought the rope from Russia, China, North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Syria with the hangman being our own Presidents. I believe that a major cover-up is underway to shield the conspiring parties for what may be an act of treason. Supplying rogue nations with technology, components, and surely the technicians to manufacture weapons is a duplicitous act of treason, if not insanity. The bread we have cast upon the water has floated back as missiles and deadly microbes with American cities at ground zero.

The question is: Does Congress have the stomach (after the zipper affair) to launch a needed investigation?. So far, they haven"t and I would bet they won"t.

In conclusion, it is apparent that our nation has been put in great jeopardy by a series of Presidents and manufacturers who acted as co-conspirators in transferring technology to radical nations. The campaign contributions by Asia and China appear to pay for reciprocal favors which may include the illegal transfer of technology. (Other Mideastern contributors will be discussed in a future article.)

If Congress is not dissuaded from holding open hearings on this hemorrhage of National Security secrets, there is a remote possibility that we will have a second impeachment hearing for high crimes against the nation. Journalist Linda Chavez wrote, "When the Senate takes up impeachment, the most serious charge yet to be leveled against the President won"t even be on the table - namely that, in pursuit of trade and campaign contributions, President Clinton allowed transfer of highly sensitive technology to Communist China, where it is now being used to build weapons." and "Experts suspect it has allowed the China to more accurately aim their intercontinental ballistic missiles at targets, including the US." (7)

Since 1985 I have tracked such deliberately false and hostile accusations by the US against Israel - almost always of "technology transfer" - which later turns out to be untrue. Over these last 15 years I have concluded that American Arabists usually will make such a media case against Israel about 6 to 12 weeks before they need Israel and Israel"s supporters in America, especially Congress, softened up for a hostile act of foreign policy. The bigger the lie, the more egregious is the policy move. It is exactly 13 weeks from January 29 to May 4, the date Arafat and his PLO promise to declare their new State of Palestine. Every statement out of Clinton"s administration, including Hilary, points to his/their support of such a move.

On every official document, map, emblem, the new "State of Palestine" covers ALL of Israel. When Arafat speaks to his people, he always promises an "independent State of Palestine with Jerusalem the capital of that state and only that state - and whoever doesn"t like it can go drink Gaza sea water." Now Arafat is "offering" a "Confederation with Jordan" to the new King Abdullah II. After denying for decades that "Jordan is Palestine", now Arafat seems to want to expand his new "State" to include all the Palestinian Mandate, i.e., both sides of the Jordan river.

You don"t need to be a prophet or to read tea leaves to know what"s coming down. Just read the newspapers (English, Hebrew and Arabic) - and the calendar. The count-down has begun and you can expect more hostile moves against Israel until she capitulates and risks her very existence to satisfy Arafat, Albright, Bill and Hillary.


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