Memo Re: Larry Dub Letter of January 21, 1999

January 21, 1999 - Media Release

A New Letter by Larry Dub Esq. to the Attorney General (copy follows).

In a new letter to Janet Reno (January 21, 1999) Pollard's attorney asks the Attorney General for a "response that is consistent with the American commitment to both due process and the U.S.- Israel Special Relationship."

Dub reminds Attorney General Janet Reno that his client was damned to a life sentence by a last-minute secret submission to the court by then Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger. The Justice Department claims that Pollard and his attorney were shown the Weinberger Memorandum and had ample opportunity to rebut it. But, Dub points out, that he truth is: the only time that Pollard and his attorney were permitted to see the Weinberger Memorandum was only moments before sentencing, without adequate time to review or rebut the lies and misstatements it contains. Ever since then, says Dub, no one has ever been allowed to see the classified sentencing material to rebut the false charges it contains.

Dub repeats his request to Reno to be permitted access to Jonathan Pollard's complete file in order to prepare a proper submission on behalf of his client. He reminds her of the many attempts that have been made to suggest equitable solutions to this case, including a plan that was proposed by the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, in which the Prime Minister personally offered to be the guarantor. This and other equally viable solutions have routinely been rebuffed or ignored by the US, causing Dub to note:

"When two allies are honestly looking for a solution to a problem that has become a festering wound between their countries, goodwill and a sense of fair-play should prevail. I can only hope your response will be consistent with America's commitment both to due process and to the U.S. - Israel special relationship."

A copy of Larry Dub's January 21, 1999 letter to Janet Reno (2 pages) follows.