Memo Re: Larry Dub Letter of January 20, 1999

January 20, 1999 - Media Release

In his

latest letter

to Janet Reno responding to a fax from the Justice Department Larry Dub requests that Jonathan Pollard and his attorneys be allowed to see the complete file on the case in order to formulate a defense and present a submission.

Dub states that the Justice Department has both actively and passively been responsible for the miscarriage of justice in his client's case.

Actively, by consistently denying Pollard and his attorneys access to the documents that would exonerate him of the many false allegations that have been levied against him via the media. Passively by tolerating the deliberate libeling of his client through the media, and failing to investigate those American officials who deliberately leaked sensitive material to the media in violation of the law.

The Justice Department knows, writes Dub, that his client is being blamed for the crimes of Aldrich Ames, David Boone and Ronald Pelton, but has not stopped the false accusations against Pollard. Pollard, says Dub, did not have the clearances, the training, the access, or the time to do the things of which he is being falsely accused. A copy of the letter follows.