Urgent Letter Re: Clinton to review Pollard case today by Batsheva Tsur

January 19, 1999 - Esther Pollard

Dear Editor,

Batsheva Tsur misquotes Jonathan Pollard's attorney, Larry Dub, and does a great disservice to the case.

Tzur appears to be oblivious to the recent widespread publicity of a letter written by Dub ( Jlem Post Jan 14). In that letter to the President's counsel, Charles Ruff, Dub points out that Jonathan Pollard DID NOT have access to codes or cryptological information of any kind; and that this fact exposes American government allegations as blatant lies.

Instead, Ms. Tzur reverses the facts, misquotes Dub, and makes it seem as if he is accusing his own client of passing codes - precisely the the material that Pollard DID NOT have access to!

Dub's letter to Ruff also protests the disingenuous and vindictive treatment of Jonathan Pollard by the Justice Department. Dub states clearly that he has had NO contact with the Justice Department and wonders why its representatives are falsely indicating to third parties that they have contacted him for a submission, when indeed they never have. He suspects that the Justice Department is trying to create the impression of fairness where none exists.

Ms. Tzur turns this story on its head as well and writes that Mr. Dub has TWICE contacted some minor functionary in the Justice Department for an appointment, and implies that he has entered some submission on behalf of his client. This is precisely the opposite of what occurred! This kind of misreporting is damaging to my husband's case and to the credibility of his attorney.

Ms. Tzur also touches on several other sensitive issues with an equal degree of inaccuracy, which however cannot be fully discussed in a public letter such as this.

A man's life, his fate and future, hangs in the balance. Ms. Tzur should do her homework - particularly when writing about a case where strict adherence to the facts is critical.

Please publish this letter in any and all editions where the article appeared to correct the false impressions it created.

Yours truly,
Esther Pollard
(Mrs. Jonathan Pollard)