Albright Opposes Pollard Release

January 12, 1999 - MED News Desk
(Source: Kol Yisroel Radio News)

A US official in Washington, says Secretary of State Madeline Albright, has recommended to President Clinton against granting clemency to convicted spy Jonathan Pollard.

Albright's recommendation is part of a series which are to be presented this week to the president. The latest review of the case is taking place as result of a pledge made by Clinton at the Wye River Summit in October to take another look at the merits of releasing Pollard, who is serving a life sentence in an American jail for spying for Israel.

The Pentagon spokesman said that he expected no change in the strong opposition to the release of Jonathan Pollard.

Esther Pollard, the wife of Jonathan Pollard called Albright's rejection "spitting in the face of the nation of Israel". She points out that Jonathan Pollard and Israel have never been given the chance to see the secret charges against Jonathan and no one has had any input in this so-called "kangaroo court review".

Neither Jonathan nor Israel has had the opportunity to rebut all the allegations against him. President Clinton has the authority to reject all recommendations and grant an early exit from prison for Pollard.

But government officials feel that this too will be affected by the impeachment trials in the Senate. The President would not want to make anyone upset at such a sensitive time, and would act cautiously before deciding either way.