Unwelcome Pollard-Deal Rumors

Arutz 7 - January 10, 1998

The Justice for Jonathan Pollard organization claims that the rumors of a possible near-future release of Pollard are false and misleading.

U.S. President Clinton's reported plan to cut Pollard's sentence to 25 years so that he will be eligible for release in 2002 does not guarantee that Pollard will be released then, claims JJP, but rather guarantees only "that the issue will NOT be discussed again before 2002! Mr. Clinton's people devised this scheme so he can present it to Israel as if it were a gain for Israel, while he himself will never have to deal with the issue again during his term in office."

Pollard's attorney Larry Dub stated that Clinton has not allowed Pollard to see all the information and charges against him, as was requested.

A statement released by the JJP organization added, "If the [rumored] plan were honest, it would follow the proposal of the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin to cut Pollard's sentence to 20 years, thus guaranteeing that under mandatory release laws, he would be set free immediately."

Prime Minister Netanyahu has decided to co-sign a letter with Labor Chairman

Ehud Barak

to Clinton requesting Pollard's immediate release. The joint letter was written at the initiative of Absorption Minister Yuli Edelstein.