Don't Send Funds To Filmmakers

Originally posted to the web December 18, 1998

Through well-intentioned but misinformed efforts, funds are being solicited to aid the efforts of would-be filmmakers

Ami Amitai


Eran Preis

to produce a documentary on the Jonathan Pollard case.

Please be advised that Jonathan Pollard does not endorse this effort and his attorneys regard this particular initiative as injurious to his case.

The "documentary"-in-process is rooted in subjective perspective, not hard fact. It is misinformed and not credible. Jonathan Pollard has distanced himself from the film-makers and will not consent to be interviewed by them. Their efforts are fruitless and in vain. If you are approached and asked to donate funds, be aware that the project does not have the endorsement of Jonathan Pollard, or his attorneys.