December 10, 1998


We are calling on you to send your message loud and clear for Justice for Jonathan Pollard to the President of the United States Bill Clinton during his visit to Israel. Clinton must know that our people are fully behind the just demand for the immediate release of Jonathan Pollard.

  • Participate in the Free Pollard Now demonstration to be held on Sunday, December 13, 1998, 4:00pm, First Night of Chanukah, at the President's Residence (Beit HaNasi, HaNasi Street near Jabotinsky Street) in Jerusalem, when President Clinton will be there meeting with President Weizman. Join Members of Knesset active in the Knesset Lobby for Pollard who will be in attendance, and hear a personal message from Jonathan. Be together with us at Beit Hanasi to light the first candle of the Festival of Lights and tell President Clinton to release Jonathan Pollard to the light of his long-awaited freedom.

  • Fax the message "CLINTON, KEEP YOUR PROMISE, FREE POLLARD NOW" to President Clinton at the two hotels where he will be staying in Israel, as part of our Fax-In for Jonathan Pollard campaign. Fax now to the Hilton Hotel, Jerusalem, fax: 02-6211000 (where he will be staying Saturday night and Sunday night), and to the Holiday Inn, Ashkelon, fax: 07-6718822 (where he will be staying Monday night). Let your fax be among the hundreds of faxes delivered to the Presidential suite reminding Clinton of his promise to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to free Jonathan Pollard. Let your fax calling for Justice for Jonathan be among the thousands he takes back with him on Air Force One to Washington where a review of the Pollard case is on Clinton's agenda. (The attached file contains our simple message to Clinton for Jonathan's long overdue freedom. If you wish, you may fax this as is, or send Clinton a fax expressing the Free Pollard message in your own words.)
It is high time that Clinton act to right a glaring American injustice and let Jonathan Pollard come Home. Our people are united on the message of Freedom for Jonathan Pollard and we demand his immediate release.

Let your voice be heard!


Nissan GanOr
Committee to Bring Jonathan Home