Knesset Calls on Clinton to Free Pollard

JERUSALEM - Just moments before the vote to ratify the Wye Memorandum, Dan Tichon Speaker of the House, made a statement on behalf of the Israeli Knesset (parliament) calling on President Clinton to release Jonathan Pollard. The following is a translation of Tichon's statement as excerpted from the Knesset record p.665, November 17, 1998:

Dan Tichon, Speaker of the House:

"The question of Jonathan Pollard, who is incarcerated in the United States, was raised during the negotiations at Wye. President Clinton did not accede to Prime Minister Netanyahu's request, and it did not provide relief.

I believe I am speaking for the majority of the House in making the request on behalf of all the nation of Israel that Jonathan Pollard be released at once, and returned to Israel to live here. We appeal to the President of the United States to pardon Jonathan Pollard who has served 13 years in prison. "

November 21, 1998, marks the 13 anniversary of the arrest and incarcertaion of Jonathan Pollard.

He has now served more than twice as long in prison as any one in the history of the United States ever charged with a similar offense - one count of passing classified information to an ally.

Of the 13 years Jonathan Pollard has completed in prison under harsh circumstances, more than half were in solitary confinement.

He has now entered his 14th year of incarceration, with no end in sight.