Pollard appeals to High Court

Protests release of Palestinian prisoners

November 17, 1998 - Itim News Service

Jonathan Pollard has appealed to the High Court of Justice demanding that the 750 Palestinian prisoners scheduled to be released under the terms of the Wye agreement be kept behind bars. He claims that the decision to release these prisoners without first obtaining his release from an American prison is unreasonable and unacceptable and must therefore be reversed.

In his appeal, Pollard states that the Israeli government has already recognized him as an Israeli agent and that he understood from promises made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Netanyahu's close associates, that his release was imminent. He also claims that the prime minister and government secretary Danny Naveh explicitly promised his wife Esther that no further terrorists would be released until he was freed.

Pollard argues that he is the first agent ever to be abandoned by the State of Israel and that his immediate release is legally and morally binding on the Israeli government, which should even be prepared to make all future international agreements contingent upon his freedom.