Pollard Files in Supreme Court to Freeze Release of Terrorist Prisoners

November 16, 1998

As Jonathan Pollard's attorney, Larry Dub, holds emergency consultations with his client in the USA, his partner Baruch Ben Yosef plans to file a petition in Israel Supreme Court on behalf of Jonathan Pollard at 10:00 am today.

Pollard's petition requests an immediate court injunction to freeze the release of terrorist prisoners from Israeli prisons, until his own release from an American prison is first secured. This is in keeping with specific commitments made to Pollard and his wife by the Israeli Government following its May 12, 1998 public declaration that Pollard was an Israeli agent and that Israel accepts full responsibility for him, and is committed to securing his immediate release.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bargained for Pollard's release at the recent summit in Wye Maryland. US President Bill Clinton agreed to release Pollard in return for Israel's withdrawal of extradition charges against Gaza Police chief, Ghazi Jabali, and Israel's release of hundreds of Palestinian terrorist prisoners. Mr. Clinton caved into CIA chief George Tenet's threats, and reneged on his commitment to release Pollard, but apparently still expects Israel to uphold its end of the deal in return for an empty promise to once again do a "review" of the case.

Jonathan Pollard's wife, Esther, will accompany Mr. Ben Yosef to file the petition on behalf of her husband. Mrs. Pollard can be reached at 050-318-650 in Israel, or from out of the country by dialing 011-972-50-318-650.