Sleight-of-Hand Leak Designed to Deceive Public

Pollard To Go Free claims Yediot Achronot
Calculated Deception say the Pollards

October 1, 1998 Source: Kol Yisroel, Maariv and others

FRONT PAGE HEADLINES by correspondent Shimon Shiffer in Yediot Achronot today claim that in his recent meeting with President Clinton, Prime Minister Netanyahu secured an agreement for the release of Jonathan Pollard. In response to this news story Jonathan's wife, Esther made the following statement:

"This leak to Yediot Achronoht was deliberate sleight-of-hand meant to deceive the Israeli public. Our sources at the highest levels in Washington tell us that the subject was not raised in a serious manner during the Prime Minister's meeting with President Clinton. Consequently no agreement was reached on the matter.

"The leak is obvious deception. The fact that a highly credible journalist like Shimon Shiffer was its target just shows the lengths that the government went to put this spin out as credibly as possible. In fact, every time the Prime Minister goes to Washington these stories are "leaked" to the press to relax the Israeli public so they won't wonder why the Prime Minister is coming home empty-handed once again.

"If indeed the Prime Minister had seriously raised the issue and secured Jonathan's release, then it would be big news for the entire world and not just a "leak" to one newspaper in Israel. The people of Israel should realize that these leaks are for propaganda purposes only. When it really happens, you will see Jonathan home first, then you'll read about it.

"This was a cruel blow to Jonathan, immediately after Yom Kippur. It is extremely damaging to his case that the Government of Israel continues to broadcast a lack of serious intent to the Americans by playing these games. As long as Israel is not serious and shows it, America has no incentive to release Jonathan Pollard."

A release issued early this morning by the Prime Minster's office in response to the news story confirms that "no agreement on the issue of Pollard's release was reached between the Prime Minister and Mr. Clinton."

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