"La'ag LaRash"

August 12, 1998 - Media Release

The following is the text of a letter Jonathan Pollard sent to Dani Naveh today, (August 12, 1998). Pollard cancelled the visit of Minister Nathan Sharansky, which was scheduled to take place on August 24, 1998.

Dear Dani,

Re: Minister Sharansky's prison visit scheduled for August 24, 1998

In the wake of the recent article by Professor Codevilla in the Wall Street Journal, high-ranking US officials assure us that if an immediate serious push were made for my release, you could send Nathan Sharansky to bring me home when he visits the US next week.

Since your visit to me in May, the Government of Israel has broken every commitment it made to take immediate action to secure my release.

High-profile ministerial prison visits, in the absence of intensive action to secure my release, are nothing more than fraudulent attempts to deceive me and the public. Simply La'ag LaRash!*

With all due respect to the minister, unless you are sending Sharansky to bring me home, don't bother sending him at all.


*"La'ag LaRash" describes the shameful behavior of the wealthy who mock the poor instead of helping them.
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