Government Obliged: Link Pollard Release to All Political Processes

August 5, 1998 - Media Release - Translated from Hebrew

The Rishon Letzion , Ha Rav Mordecai Eliahu,writes:

B"h Wednesday August 5 , 1998 Jerusalem, Israel
Yom Daled of the Sedra "VaEtchanen"
Yud Gimel Menachem Av, Tav Shin Nun Chet

To the Honorable Mrs. Pollard,

I was pleased to hear that the Government of Israel recently recognized that the dear, honorable, wonderful, self-sacrificing gentleman Jonathan Pollard worked on behalf of the nation of Israel, as an agent under the auspices of the Government of Israel. I know that this was a result of your efforts.

I see this announcement as an important achievement and I hope that it will speed his release which we are anxiously awaiting. The Government of Israel is obliged to use every means at its disposal, all political processes, and every possible way, to seek the immediate release of Jonathan Pollard.

Moreover, no man, Jew or non Jew in the world should breathe easy as long as Jonathan Pollard is still not free.

Every possible action should be taken to raise public consciousness both in Israel and abroad so that the Government of the United States will finally do what it is morally incumbent upon it to do. See Rashi's commentary on this week's Parasha on the passook "VaEtchanen" which explains that even though the righteous may depend on their good deeds, nevertheless it is still incumbent upon them to cry out and to plead. (See Rashi in full.)

Today, Jonathan Pollard's health is very poor as a result of the intense suffering he has endured, and of the dangerous situation he is in and the harsh conditions of his (long) incarceration.

May the Almighty put it in the hearts of all to lend their help to this holy and important issue. May we merit to see Jonathan Pollard here in the land very very soon.

with blessings,
(signed) Mordecai Eliahu