Political Wives Support Pollard

Jerusalem, July 29, 1998 - (Ittim and other News Sources)

Tatanya Edelstein and Judy Nir Moses, both high-profile wives of Israeli cabinet minsters, today called an emergency meeting of high profile political wives in support of the immediate release of Jonathan Pollard. The meeting which was held in Nir Mose's home in Tel Aviv, Wednesday, July 29, 1998 drew a large crowd in spite of the short notice.

Esther Pollard, wife of Jonathan Pollard, addressed the 30 women, who braved the extreme heat and humidity to travel from all parts of the country to attend the meeting. Tatanya Edelstein and Avital Sharansky addressed the gathering as well, speaking as wives of former prisoners. Mrs. Dani Naveh, wife of the Cabinet Secretary, spoke movingly on behalf of her husband, reaffirming the government's absolute determination to secure the speedy release of Jonathan Pollard, and his return home to Israel.

Esther Pollard was quoted in Yediot Achronoht today (07/30/98) saying that people do not seem to grasp the extreme urgency of her husband's situation. She said that next week is Jonathan's 44th birthday, "How can we celebrate when we don't know if he will live to have another birthday?" she asked.

At the emergency meeting, Mrs. Pollard received messages of support from Sara Netanyahu, wife of Prime Minister Netanyahu, and from Navah Barak, wife of opposition leader, Ehud Barak.