Statement of Cabinet Secretary Dani Naveh

July 15, 1998 - Army Radio Galei Tzahal

Cabinet Secretary Dani Naveh made the following statement to Israel Army Radio:

"One thing that I do not want there to be even the slightest shadow of doubt about: not only is the Government of Israel completely committed - wholeheartedly and genuinely committed- to securing Jonathan Pollard's speediest possible release from prison, it also intends to undertake intensive steps in the US, in Washington, in order to try to bring Pollard home to us in Israel, as quickly as possible."

Naveh: Govt. Working To Gain Pollard's Release

Jerusalem Post - July 16, 1998

Cabinet Secretary Danny Naveh told Army Radio yesterday that the government is working on gaining Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard's release in the near future. Army Radio also broadcast a conversation between Pollard, who is imprisoned in North Carolina for spying on the US, and his wife, Esther, in which he sharply condemned the Israeli government for not working harder to convince the US to free him.

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