Jonathan Pollard Reacts to Official Recognition by State of Israel

"I am Relieved, Thankful and Honored."

May 11, 1998 - Jonathan Pollard Media Release


- In an historic and unprecedented move, the State of Israel today granted official recognition to Jonathan Pollard, who is in his 13th year of a life sentence for his activities on behalf of the Jewish State. The Government of Israel issued the following statement:

"Jonathan Pollard was an Israeli agent who was handled by high-ranking Israeli officials in an Israeli authorized bureau - LAKAM.

In light of this fact, the State of Israel acknowledges its obligation to Mr. Pollard and is ready to accept full responsibility accordingly."

Upon hearing this news Jonathan Pollard responded:

"I am relieved, thankful and honored. Relieved that the truth has finally come out; thankful that the Government had the courage and the integrity to acknowledge the truth; and honored that I am finally a full-fledged member of the State. Citizenship was the first step; official recognition is the second. And now I have to come home.

"This step encourages me to believe that the Government will now do whatever is necessary to bring this agent home - as they have so ably done in the past for others.

"It brings honor to the Government and to the nation. It reassures our people that the State will honor its obligation to protect and defend all who serve it.

"My wife Esther joins me in expressing our appreciation and thanks to all our family and friends here, in Israel, and around the world, who welcome this event as the beginning of the end of our ordeal."

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