A Courageous Solution to A Problem that Has Plagued Both Governments

Media Release: May 11, 1998

In response to a CBS (AMERICAN) interviewer regarding the reaction of the American administration to Jerusalem's announcement that her husband Jonathan Pollard was an official Israeli agent, Mrs Pollard explained that the Netanyahu Government had courageously provided the American administration with a basis for negotiating the end to a problem that has plagued both governments for many years. Mrs Pollard said that the issue at the heart of the Pollard case is equal justice. She noted that over the years the outrage has been mounting in America over the grossly disproportionate sentence that her husband received, and yet the Justice system has "fumbled the ball on this one for 13 years". Until now the Clinton adminstration has not had a basis upon which to negotiate an equitable resolution to this case. The Netanyahu government has now courageously provided that basis. It is now up to the American administration to recognize the gesture that Jerusalem has made and to respond in kind, as befits a responsible ally.

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