April 28, 1998 - Batsheva Tsur - The Jerusalem Post

An attempt by the state to defer the next hearing on the petition from convicted spy Jonathan Pollard to the High Court of Justice has been thwarted by Pollard's lawyer.

Advocate Larry Dub, who represents Pollard in Jerusalem, said that he had received a request from Uzi Fogelman, head of the High Court Division in the State Attorney's Office, to allow an additional 15 days to prepare his response to the court.

The court has given the state until May 2 to show cause why it should not recognize Pollard as an authorized Israeli agent.

According to one source, most of the cabinet ministers are now convinced that there is no point in bringing the matter up before the court and they would like to work out a formula that will satisfy Pollard's demand for unequivocal and formal recognition as an Israeli agent.

However, the source said, Defense Minister Yitzhak Mordechai, under pressure from certain security circles, is still objecting to formal recognition and would prefer a vague formula giving the impression that Pollard believed that he was approached by official security agents.

At all events, it is expected that the issue will be discreetly raised with US Vice president Al Gore during his visit here at the end of the week.

Justice for Jonathan Pollard Notes:


Following the refusal of Jonathan Pollard's attorney to agree to grant continuance, the Government then filed a petition to the Supreme Court, noting Pollard's refusal to grant continuance and requesting that the court impose a 15 day delay. The Supreme Court granted the Government's petition and has once again delayed the case for 15 days.

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