Netanyahu Comments on Jonathan Pollard

April 27, 1998 - Kol Yisroel Radio
On Israel Radio's English Service - Channel 1 Broadcast


these were the final comments of an in-depth interview.


David Ze'ev

Q: (Ze'ev) - Did Jonathan Pollard act as an authorized agent for Israel?

A: (Netanyahu) - Well he certainly paid the price for the State of Israel. He didn't do what he did for his own private whim, and I think we have to recognize that. As far as the precise legal wording of this issue, I leave it to the lawyers and the legal experts.

Q: Do you have any indications of American flexibility on the matter?

A: Well I have nothing to report at this time, but I do hope, I want to assure you that we will continue in an unabated and unrelenting fashion to try to bring Jonathan Pollard home.

End of Interview.

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