Response to Ha'aretz: Media Release:

April 26, 1998

Toronto, Canada:

The Justice for Jonathan Pollard office today issued the following statement in response to the Ha'aretz weekend feature article " I Want To Be Your Spy", April 24, 1998, by Arye Dayan and Ronen Bergman:

  1. Esther and Jonathan Pollard follow the dignified model set by Prime Minister Netanyahu in a similar case. Regarding the personal insults leveled at them by this article, they refuse to dignify the obviously politically-driven lies and distortions with a response.

  2. Esther and Jonathan Pollard are aware that the article is a thinly veiled attempt to embarrass and delegitimize the duly-elected Government of Israel.

    Using the case of an Israeli agent who is fighting for his life in such a cynical and cold-blooded manner calls into question the motivation of both the authors and the paper.

  3. This is not the first time that Ha'aretz has prostituted itself and used the Pollard case to distort truth in order to serve political ends. Whatever Ha'aretz's true agenda may be, truth is clearly no part of it.