Passover Message to Pollard From The Council Of Youth Movements in Israel

The Council Of Youth Movements in Israel
16 Lamfronti Street
Jerusalem 94384

Mr. Jonathan Pollard 09185-016
FCI Butner, POB 1000
USA 27509-1000

April 8, 1998

Dear Jonathan,

On behalf of 250,000 young people, members of the twelve youth movements in Israel, we are sending you warmest greetings for Pessach, the holiday of freedom. It is our hope that you will soon be released from darkness into light, from the shackles of prison to the world of freedom, and that you will end your period of punishment and go forward to a new chapter in your life as a citizen of Israel.

We should like you to know that we have added our voice, the voice of the youth of Israel, to those asking the President of the United States to pardon you and enable your release after thirteen years of imprisonment.

May it be granted that our requests and prayers will lead to the longed-for day of your release. This would indeed be a wonderful gift for the Jubilee of the State of the Jews - for you and for all our people.

With best wishes for a happy and kosher Pessach,
"Chazak Ve'ematz"

Nissan Shalem

Naftali Deri
Secretary General

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