Pollard Rejects Government Offer of Recognition

M.K calls for charges against Rafi Eitan

April 3, 1998 - Ma'ariv - Ben Caspit

M.K. Ophir Pines has called for an investigation into the possibility of laying charges against Rafi Eitan, the former head of the Lakam branch of Intelligence services - the organization that enlisted and ran Jonathan Pollard as an agent.

Pines said yesterday that in the light of the government's intention to recognize Pollard as an agent whose enlistment was not properly authorized by those acting on behalf of the State, an investigation should be launched into the possibility of laying charges against the official who enlisted and ran Pollard, namely, Rafi Eitan.

In the meantime, it was learned yesterday that Pollard himself sharply rejected the Government's qualified offer of recognition as an agent.

"The Government's offer does not clearly and unequivocally state the truth that I was indeed an agent of the Government of Israel," Pollard said, "The truth has to come out so that I can be freed."

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