Edelstein Calls On Public To Enlist For Pollard

April 3, 1998 - Arutz-7

Following Jonathan Pollard's rejection of the compromise formula designed by the Israeli government regarding his status, a government source said that Shimon Stein, the government legal adviser, is expected to make a more far-reaching offer to Pollard. The rejected formula stated that Pollard was "enlisted by people who worked as emissaries by the State of Israel..., even if his handlers did not receive all the needed authorization." Pollard insisted that the whole truth be publicized, that

"I was an Israeli agent employed by the LAKAM branch of Intelligence in an operation that was fully sanctioned by the Government of Israel."
Minister Yuli Edelstein, the first government minister to visit Pollard, and a major force behind the efforts to secure his release, told Arutz-7 last night that government diplomacy will only work if there is a

massive public outcry

for Pollard's release.