Pollard Rejects Compromise

April 2, 1998 - Arutz-7

Jonathan Pollard has rejected a compromise formula designed by the Israeli government regarding the definition of his exact status, calling it a "bogus offer." According to the compromise proposal,

"Pollard was enlisted by people who worked as emissaries by the State of Israel. Therefore, from Pollard's perspective, he saw himself as an agent of Israel, even if his handlers did not receive all the needed authorization. Hence, the State of Israel sees itself as responsible as if he was an agent."
Pollard stated,
"I did not spend 13 years in prison in order to endorse a lie... The truth is simple and clear: I was an Israeli agent employed by the LAKAM branch of Intelligence in an operation that was fully sanctioned by the Government of Israel. Anything less than that is a distortion of the truth that is counterproductive to the goal of securing my release."