Pollard's Attorney Agrees to Another Government Delay

March 3, 1998 - IINS News Service

The attorney for convicted spy Jonathan Pollard (who is serving a life sentence in a US prison) agreed to a 60-day delay in the most recent appeal to the High Court of Justice; that Mr. Pollard be officially recognized as an Israeli agent.

Such a declaration by the government of Israel would significantly improve Pollard's chances of being freed, after spending the last 12-years in prison under very harsh conditions.

Pollard's wife Esther stated she did not have faith in the Israeli administration and it appears that once again, Israel is not doing what it should to obtain her husband's freedom.

Mrs. Pollard pointed out in September and currently, that the government has made great efforts to obtain the release of Mossad agents apprehended in Jordan and Switzerland, but in the case of her husband, nothing was done. He has been forgotten.

As recently as several months ago, Minister of Absorption Edelshtein was the first Israeli member of government to visit Pollard since his incarceration.

Mrs. Pollard also pointed out following the recent Gulf crisis, that it was her husband who first made Israel aware of the severity of the Iraqi threat.

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