Shafted Again by Israeli Government
Pollard Files for Emergency Hearing

January 6, 1998 - News Release


- Jonathan Pollard's attorneys are filing a request today to have the High Court reconvene in an emergency session.

The 60-day delay mandated by the High Court of Israel (October 29, 1997) to allow for a resolution of the Pollard case out of court has elapsed.

In meetings with Pollard's wife and attorneys during the 60-day period, the government and its representatives in the Ministry of Defense demonstrated an absence of serious intent and an unwillingness to initiate any constructive action on the case. The 60 day period has been marked by nothing but empty promises, unfulfilled commitments, and bureaucratic excuses.

Since the government chose to default on the opportunity to resolve the case out of court, Jonathan Pollard was obliged to instruct his attorneys to file for an emergency hearing at the earliest possible date. The date is to be determined by the High Court.

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