Livnat: Foreign Ministry Remarks Concerning Pollard Visit - "Chutzpa"

December 18, 1997 - IINS News Service

Minister of Communications Limor Livnat, who is still in the United States, was interviewed this morning (Israel time) on Reshet Bet Radio.

Minister Livnat stated that negative remarks made by a foreign ministry official concerning her visit yesterday with Jonathan Pollard was a "Chutzpa."

Livnat stated it is time that the government openly does more to assist Pollard attain his freedom. In addition, Livnat stated she was also a courier for the prime minister, delivering a handwritten letter to Mr. Pollard.

In response, the Director General of the Foreign Ministry, Eitan Ben-Tzur stated the Foreign Ministry official who made the remarks was not authorized to do so and his statement did not reflect the policy of the ministry.

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