Pollard Prison Term May be Lifted

December 17, 1997 - Associated Press

For more than a dozen years, Jonathan Pollard has been cooling his heels in a federal prison, convicted of spying for Israel while working as a U.S. Navy analyst. Now, there is speculation that his life prison term may be lifted.

The Israeli government had earlier denied that it sanctioned Pollard's actions. But that position is changing. An Israeli cabinet Minister (Communications Minister Limor Livnat) visited Pollard today for about an hour at his North Carolina prison,but didn't speculate on a timetable for his release.

The minster did say, however, that the government now accepts Pollard's role as a spy. Pollard has also changed by apologising for his actions, something that has always stood in the way of a pardon.

A letter from the Israeli Labor Minister (Eli Yishai) says Pollard deserves the right of pardon and the right to immigrate to his homeland.