For The First Time A Government Minister Admits That Pollard Worked For Israel

December 12, 1997 - Moshe Suissa - Haaretz

For the first time since the start of the Pollard affair, a Government Minister has officially confirmed that Pollard spied on behalf of Israel. Until now, Israel has avoided confirmation of this.

In the letter that the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Elie Yishai, sent to Pollard for the Holiday of Chanukah, he wrote among other things: "You deserved to be pardoned, and you deserved to make aliyah to Israel, land of your origins, the beloved land whose security you worked for with such divine devotion."

In the long letter, which was given to Minister Limor Livnat, who will shortly be meeting with Pollard in prison, the Minister also wrote:

"May Minister Livnat's visit to you be a spark of light for the Holiday of Chanukah. From afar, but from close at heart, I am writing to shower you with droplets of encouragement and support. To you best wishes are sent from Jerusalem, great hope, much sympathy, an abundance of empathy and loving admiration, in recognition of your suffering which has overflowed all bounds, in that dastardly prison behind sealed walls,

"As a Minister in Israel, I see the official mission of the State of Israel today as being to work for your immediate release so that you may soon see the light of day and experience freedom. I ache for you. In the meantime, be strong. You have suffered enough. The time has come for you to be free,

and to Zion shall come a redeemer.

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