Israel High Court of Justice Receives Petition to:

  • Disqualify Attorney General Eliyakam Rubinstein
  • Reveal Secret Documents
Jerusalem, September 18, 1997 - Press Release

The Israel High Court of Justice today received a petition from Jonathan Pollard's attorney, Larry Dub, requesting that the court disqualify Attorney General Eliyakam Rubinstein and his office from representing the government in the Pollard court case scheduled for hearing October 29,1997.

Citing American attorney, Leonard Garment, (former special counsel to President Nixon) as his source, Dub provided the court with evidence to disqualify Rubinstein. Dub stated that 13 years ago Rubinstein participated in a conspiracy to obstruct justice in the Pollard case. He referred the court to pages 369-374 of Garment's newly released book, "Crazy Rhythm" (Random House Publishing 1997) which details the conspiracy and Rubinstein's role in it. At the time, Leonard Garment was engaged as legal counsel for Aviem Sella, Pollard's Israeli handler. When Garment strongly opposed the duplicitous plan, he was fired.

Dub also quotes Garment's observation that it was this clumsy attempt to deceive the American Justice Department which angered the Americans and directly resulted in the severe punishment of Jonathan Pollard.

Dub concluded that because Rubinstein bears direct responsibility for Pollard's plight, he and his office should be disqualified from involvement in the upcoming hearing and the case reassigned to the Minister of Justice.

Dub did not make reference to Rubinstein's role in throwing Pollard out of the Israeli Embassy and into the waiting arms of the F.B.I. when Pollard sought refuge there in 1985.

In a separate petition also filed today in the High Court of Justice,

Pollard's attorney requested that the government be ordered to release the findings of two commissions of inquiry into the Pollard affair which have been kept classified for the last 10 years. Dub based his request for the Rottenstreich - Tzur Commision Report and the Eban Committee Report on his need to fully prepare his client's case for the October hearing, and on his client's "strong reason to presume that these documents establish definitively that he (Jonathan Pollard) was an Israeli agent... and not part of a rogue operation."
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