Pollard Asks Ben-Elissar for Apology

Ambassador Ben-Elissar
Israeli Embassy
Washington D.C.

August 6, 1997

Re: Erroneous Comments by Embassy Staff to JTA

Dear Mr. Ambassador,

Please be aware that my wife and I have irrefutable proof of the fact that:

  1. A prison visit had been confirmed by all parties and that there were no "unresolved issues".

  2. The Embassy was in full agreement that Mrs Pollard and Rabbi Lerner attend the meeting.

  3. The Embassy assured Mrs. Pollard in a telephone conversation with Mr. Dan Arbel on July 25,1997 that the Embassy would make the appropriate arrangements with the Prison to include Mrs Pollard and Rabbi Lerner as part of the Embassy's party for the Special Visit August 7, 1997.

It does no credit to either the Government or to the Embassy that the comments attributed to Israel Embassy Staff in a JTA wire story ("Pollard Cancels Israeli Visit" by Matt Dorf, JTA AUG.5 1997) completely change history with regard to the above facts. Their version of events does little in the way of "saving face" for the Embassy and casts aspersions on my wife and myself. It is appropriate therefore that the Embassy immediately issue a statement correcting the erroneous comments attributed to your staff, and apologizing for the damage done to my wife and myself.

Jonathan Pollard

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