Letter to Ambassador Elissar

August 1, 1997 B"H

Ambassador Eliahu Ben Elissar
Embassy of Israel
Washington D.C.

Dear Ambassador Ben Elissar,

This letter is to inform you that the Embassy visit to me at the prison which was scheduled to take place on August 7, 1997 at your request has been canceled. In its treatment and handling of my case since its inception 13 years ago, the Government of Israel has acted without honor, and has caused suffering and shame to the entire nation. Recent actions of the government have followed the same shameful pattern, but with a clear escalation in the degree of cold-blooded calculation and cynicism.

Only a government without honor would publicize a bogus prisoner transfer plan which they knew full well was not viable. Justice Minister Hanegbi spoke in the name of the Government of Israel when he trumpeted this fraudulent proposal in Knesset. Minister Hanegbi's remarks can only be seen as calculated and without honor.

Only a government without honor would even suggest returning a prisoner of Zion to Zion in chains. It was this same cold-blooded cynicism that was evidenced when the Government of Israel threw me, an Israeli agent, out of the Embassy and into the waiting arms of the FBI 13 years ago. Mr. Ambassador, it is not possible for me to receive an Israel Embassy official while the government of Israel is actively engaged in stabbing me in the back.

Jonathan Pollard

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